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To: Minister of Finance - Malusi Gigaba and Minister of Energy - David Mahlobo

Stop being secretive about the Nuclear power deal.

Stop being secretive about the Nuclear power deal.

Stop the nuclear deal and instead open it up the process to transparent public scrutiny.

Why is this important?

The secrecy around Mzansi's Nuclear power plan, leaves much to be desired. It does not allow for those it will impact on to make an informed choice on whether they approve of it or not. It should concern all of us that the Department of Energy has failed its responsibility to provide the public with all the relevant information needed to make appropriate energy choices, with enough time to consider all the options available.

Nuclear energy is much more expensive than solar and wind. The amount of money that will be invested if the nuclear deal goes ahead means that our country could well and truly become bankrupt. To build a nuclear plant optimistically takes 10 years and often much longer[1]. Is it fair to keep our people who do not have electricity access waiting for another decade/ CSIR and other scientific bodies suggest that this nuclear deal will be a disaster and will not create jobs as being promised similar to how the arms deal promised jobs but did not deliver. Instead a handful of politically connected people got rich at the expense of the poor. For starters, investing in renewable energy could deliver many more jobs than nuclear will be good for job creation as well as generating energy safely, cleanly and cheaply but this seems not to be considered and opens the energy space for much plundering.

So in summary the nuclear deal is too expensive, too dangerous and will deliver too little too late to address the absence of electricity provision. The poor in our country are being betrayed by a deal at best will only benefit the needs of a few industries and at worst only benefiting those that stand to make money out of this deal.

Nuclear energy is going to affect us and the future generations. We must get involved now before its too late.



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