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To: MEC Weziwe Tikana, MEC for Transport - Eastern Cape

Provide transport to former Mhlwazi Primary School learners now!

Provide transport to former Mhlwazi Primary School learners now!

Immediately intervene and provide transport for the former learners of Mhlwazi Primary School in Elliot to be able to attend school in Ryno as agreed to with parents when the schools were merged.

Why is this important?

As part of its rationalisation of schools in the province, the Eastern Cape Department of Education closed down 136 schools[1].
Mhlwazi Primary School was on of the schools that were affected by the mergers during the rationalisation of schools in the Eastern Cape and was formally closed down in February 2017. Learners from this school were sent to Ryno Secondary School, a school 40 kms away from where they live [2]. The Department of Education promised to provide transport for the learners. This was done sporadically so much so that some learners missed some of their final exams [3]. Nokhanyo, a mother to 2 of the pupils says that only 3 pages have been used in all their books. It came as a shock, that all their children passed. This sabotages the learners’ education grossly. Parents cannot even go to school to enquire about their children's progress because its far. This year again none of these learners have been to school because there hasn’t been any scholar transport provided.

On the 6th February, 15 parents went to the District office in Engcobo to enquire. They were told to find their own transport for February and March because the department could only provide transport from April [3].

Nolindile Deku said her five children are stuck at home instead of being at school. "This is very sad for us parents. Everyday my children ask me the same question – when are they going to go back to school - and I don't have answers."
Another parent, Nokhanyo Sombo, said, "Since January we have been in and out of department offices seeking help but no one is willing to help us. They are not feeling our pain because their children are at school."
Those that do attend have to wake up at 3am everyday to start their journey to Ryno Secondary School,a journey that takes almost 2hrs as parents cannot afford to pay for transport [4].

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Mhlwazi JS School, Mhlwazi, South Africa

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