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To: OR Tambo Municipal Manager

Stop withholding payment of the EPWP workers in OR Tambo District Municipality and reinstate them

This campaign has ended.

Dear Mr Owen Hlazo
We call on you to pay and reinstate with immediate effect the 300 OR Tambo District Municipality EPWP workers unceremoniously dismissed by your office with no reason given.
The 300 workers were never given contracts, have been laid off and promised payment by your office for over a year now.
The EPW programme has been a life-saver for most families. Just recently, the President of South Africa and his Deputy publicly stated that the EPWP will employ 6 million South Africans. How is this possible when your Municipality cannot even pay existing workers? How are their families supposed to live? When you do not pay these workers and dismiss them in this manner, it affects 300 households. The ripple effect of this escalates and exacerbates a lot of the very socio-economic problems your Municipality is fighting against.

Why is this important?

The workers' representatives' numerous attempts at discussing this with the employer have amounted to nought. They have been without pay for almost a year. This program gives hope to so many families.


2017-04-28 16:59:00 +0200

500 signatures reached