About awethu.mobi

Community organisation amandla.mobi, launched awethu.mobi in 2016 to provide a platform where members of the public, communities and organisations could set up and launch their own campaigns, including petitions and events.

amandla.mobi was launched in 2014 to amplify the collective power of Black women from low-income backgrounds, to build a more just and people-powered Mzansi. To achieve this amandla.mobi built mobile tools so that those most impacted by injustice, could come together in numbers to hold decision-makers to account. 

amandla.mobi started building power and winning campaigns, and our membership grew, as did the number of communities and organisations who wanted to work with us. So in 2016 we launched awethu.mobi, a platform that would allow people who shared the same values of amandla.mobi, to set up and launch their own campaign actions, using awethu to run petitions, events and [name for public comment action]. 

amandla.mobi continues to run campaigns with our members that bring people together at critical moments to take targeted, co-ordinated and strategic action.

But there are too many issues in Mzansi for amandla.mobi to take on alone. We are just an organisation and community of members, which is part of a bigger ecosystem of progressive individuals, communities, movements and organisations working towards change. The role that awethu.mobi plays is to provide a platform that makes it easy to launch petitions and other campaign actions to build public pressure that helps hold decision-makers in the public or private sector to account. Whether at the local, provincial, national or international level, and across issues of justice. While campaign actions launched on awethu.mobi are not started by members of the amandla.mobi team, we do our best provide support and advice to those starting petitions, events etc. 

You can learn more about amandla.mobi here: https://amandla.mobi/about/