is your platform to use petitions and other campaign tools, to build public pressure on decision-makers who can help fix an issue in your community. Here you can help build real power for Black people, especially for low-income Black women in Mzansi. 

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Whether it’s sending in public comments for the budget, organising a protest outside your mayor’s office, or gathering signatures for your petition demanding a company pay better wages, is where you can bring people together for justice.

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Using you can → Start a petition, organise an event or send message action → Spread the word → recruit others to take action → Update your supporters → engage with your decision-maker → Win your campaign, or keep building public pressure and using other campaign actions! The team is here to help you at any stage of your campaign, whether it’s designing your petition or organising a protest. Check out campaigns so far!

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Events are a good way to raise awareness and demonstrate support for your issue. Events can be protests, pickets, sit-ins, meetings, workshops etc. They can also help people feel they are part of a bigger movement or community, taking action together. Events can turn up pressure on your decision-maker and spread word about your issue. Events can also help you to organise and conscentise your community. Learn more about organising an event!

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Protests and petitions are useful campaign actions. But “Send message action” lets people send their own individual messages directly to a decision-maker. This can be useful when a government department, parliament or another public institution opens up public comment on a policy, bill, regulation or budget, and you want to give people the information they need to participate. Send message campaigns can also allow people to send other kinds of messages directly to a decision-maker such as complaints, or sharing why they support the campaign demands.

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Curious about knowing more about campaigning and the organisation? Head to our frequently asked questions to know more.


Campaigns on awethu are started and run by members of the public, communities or organisations. hosts the platform, while every effort is undertaken to ensure that all campaigns are values-aligned and moderated by team, campaigns here are not necessarily endorsed by reserves the right to not publish campaign actions like petitions, events etc with racist, sexist, classist, ableist, xenophobic or homophobic views and/or language. Public comments on petitions that are derogatory or defamatory will be removed. For all other enquiries contact the campaign team at [email protected]

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