Justice for Marikana - Organise an event for the 10th anniversary

For years we have come together to organise events and mobilise to demand justice for Marikana. 

But this year is different. The 10th anniversary of South Africa's first "post-Apartheid" massacre is a critical moment. Our leaders, mining companies and the police are hoping people's memory will fade, but the coming months are an opportunity to reignite our demands for justice.

Already, in communities across the country, events are being organised to commemorate the 10th anniversary and the ongoing struggle for justice. With each event, our calls grow louder. 

Events include:

- Screenings of Marikana documentaries in a school, community centre or place of worship
- A protest with green blankets that draws media attention
- Painting a public mural of Mambush 
- A march with banners and 44 crosses
- A candlelight vigil with the names of those who lost their lives

Not sure what event to organise, or how to do it? You can access this guide here with info: https://amandla.mobi/marikana_event_guide. We can help provide resources, such as a copy of the documentaries, face-masks etc. 

Pick a date, and put some information about your event on this website. You can update with more details as you organise your event. In the meantime, people can use the website to find their nearest event.

The families, workers and community of Marikana are waiting for justice. Not only is their struggle our struggle, but the corporate greed and capture of our democracy and government are just as relevant today as it was in 2012.

Each event is an opportunity to understand how our struggles are connected: From a living wage and workers' rights to an end to police brutality and corporate exploitation, with each event we build our collective power.