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To: The SACS SGB and the SACS community-at-large

A Call to the SACS Schools Governing Body for Transformation

South African High School Governing Body,

It is with hope and a growing desire to see the oldest school in the country embody the new South Africa that this letter is written.

As the school year enters its final term, the search for a new principal for 2018 is no doubt becoming a top priority.
Whilst we applaud and recognise SACS's longstanding academic, cultural and sporting successes, we write to you as the School Governing Body to urge you to recognise the perceived failure of the school and of past governing bodies to adequately and explicitly commit SACS to specific targets with regards to transforming the racial demographics of its staff and pupil bodies so as to better reflect the school's status as a public school in the Western Cape.
Protests in this regard have been seen in public secondary and tertiary institutions across South African and as such we believe that there is significant impetus for the SGB and the school to address this issue.

Despite SACS being the first former Model-C school to accept students of colour as well as a leader of the 'Open Schools Movement,' the school maintains a position where white students are the largest demographic. Striking examples such as the 2016 mostly white prefect body (and majority white each year prior), an entirely white SGB, and an entirely white school management structure, seem completely at odds with the school's history of progressive activism.
We are concerned that SACS is implicitly communicating a set of values rooted in our Apartheid and colonial past when every single level of leadership amongst boys, staff and parents is dominated by white South Africans.

As such, we appeal to you to demonstrate your commitment to be an inclusive, more demographically representative school that solidifies SACS's role as a leading South African public school.
We believe that this can be achieved by committing to certain actions; firstly, including specific criteria in your appointment process for the new principal that demonstrates the candidate's commitment to and experience with transformation in South Africa. And secondly, taking an active part in the shortlisting process so as to ensure that candidates from previously underrepresented demographics are seriously considered.

In addition, we seek commitment from the SGB and prospective new principal, that you will meet with members of the broader SACS community to discuss and agree on transformation goals for the next 5, 10 and 15 years.

We feel that SACS should endeavour to commence a joint initiative with Westerford and Sans Souci to provide free education to the descendants of those families which were forcibly removed from the area of Newlands under Apartheid. The removal of those families coincides with the time the school was built and relocated to Newlands.
Lastly, the SGB itself should aim to reflect our country's demographics as well as ensure that other facets of the school are in line with transformation goals.

We welcome any opportunity to discuss our concerns with you in an open, constructive and positive manner.
Let us be judged by our actions.

Spectemur Agendo


Old Boys for Transformation at SACS

Why is this important?

The importance of this petition cannot be understated and is paramount to the future of the educational landscape of South Africa. A prosperous future for our nation requires those at the greatest disadvantage to be provided with access to the best schools and the best opportunities to succeed.
Former Model-C schools are, by and large, public institutions and as such should act in the public interest rather than the interests of the economic elite.
SACS, Cape Town, South Africa

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