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To: Minister for Mineral Resources

Amadiba under attack

We cannot afford to remain silent in the face of any of these attacks.
1. We call for the speedy arrest and successful prosecution of the killers of comrade Bazooka.
2. We further call on the Human Rights Commission to investigate the systematic process of intimidation that has been orchestrated against those who have stood up against MRC and its lackeys in the area.
3. We demand that the Minister of Mineral Resources suspends all mining applications until there has been a full and independent investigation of Rhadebe’s murder!
4. We demand protection for all members of the Amadiba Crisis Committee and their families!
5. We call on all progressive forces to stand up in defence of democracy. End the attacks on our activists and movements!

Why is this important?

For 10 years, Amadiba communities in the Eastern Cape have been fighting against a company trying to mine titanium in their area. Last week, the community leader was assassinated.

This attack can’t be ignored. It’s hard to believe that a campaigner has been murdered for standing up against this international mining giant. Other members of the community who have been standing together to protect their area are fearful for their lives.

A woman from the community said: “My tears won’t fall on the ground for nothing. You can bring your machine guns. I am prepared to die for my land, I am not going anywhere.”

The MRC mining company are known to abuse human rights. They’ve been trying to mine this land for more than a decade. The community has used people power to block this international company. Now let's use people power to stand with the community.


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