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Tell UNISA to include Black women on land expropriation discussion

The event organisers changed the program and there were 5 Black women put on the panel.

Tell UNISA to include Black women on land expropriation discussion

UNISA must include women in their 15 person panel they are hosting on Land Expropriation. Currently the panel comprises of 14 men and one woman.

Why is this important?

Women in South Africa are more than 50%of the population. The issue of land is important to us as citizens with full rights in this country. Women are also thinkers, opinion leaders and represent an important an essential voice in the discourse about land in this country.

It is therefore unfathomable that the panel UNISA has constituted to discuss this issue is male, with one woman panelist. It undermines the views of women in decision-making and excludes a large constituency from a critical debate in the country, consequently treating them as 2nd class citizens. We implore you to desist from this form of secondary Apartheid and victimisation of women. We are equal citizens and our input is not only important but necessary.

South Africa

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