To: NSFAS and Department of Higher education

Open NSFAS for rejected and pending students

Majority of people have been funded. But some are not.

Open NSFAS for rejected and pending students

Open NSFAS for underprivileged rejected students and communicate with the students who have applied.

Why is this important?

Furthermore, when one makes an application for NSFAS one is required to issue payment records of all the people in one's household, and the dependents of those people. This is to help NSFAS detect your finances for the month yet they don't consider the monthly cost of a single person, ultimately rejecting the funding application.

The Minister of Basic Education announced that the 2016 matric class was the largest in many years. Some students applying for NSFAS have come forward saying that they have not received responses at all. What does this mean? And will students who are rejected receive communication informing them of such?

Education is important, & fees are high. We all deserver quality education #EducationForAll

Reasons for signing

  • My status was on accessing funding aligebility but now I've been rejected reasons income greater than 122k which z not true...... M living with my grnny no one z working at home nsfas would play an important role to me incase to finish my studies I've been so disappointed!!!
  • My Nsfas application was rejected and the stated reason was that I earned more than the 220 000 income threshold which is confusing ,because the threshold were increased to 350 000 per household income .
  • Am a one of that student who are rejected by NSFAS


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