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To: LEDA Management Team & MEC for Economic Development & Tourism

Sign The Petition:Refurbish Mahwereleng Hotel Into Youthful Creative Lifestyle Hotel&Business Centre

Sign The Petition:Refurbish Mahwereleng Hotel Into Youthful Creative Lifestyle Hotel&Business Centre


As young entrepreneurs & professionals from Mahwelereng township, we would like an opportunity to take matters into our own hands and create sustainable businesses & platforms for the community to thrive. We need your endorsement and permission to allow AreaCode Group to make the investment into the public asset to create a 120 jobs & 20 entrepreneur opportunities with its partners & funders.

We would like an opportunity to lead a movement of professionals to move back to Mokopane to develop the town in our own forums and informal education initiatives.

Allow the youth to save themselves through releasing key assets for us to create our own destinies and make Mokopane the creative capital of Limpopo.

Kind regards

Karabo Songo & Molea Matlou
AreaCode Group

Why is this important?

As a community of Mokopane with high levels of youth unemployment, low skills level, major tourism potential, political challenges and also low paying jobs, we need to assist government to save ourselves by creating our own opportunities in partnership with our local state offices by persuading them to support us.

We can be the masters of our own visions and future if only we are given the simple support we require

Mahwelereng can be internationally great and local community can benefit a lot more from the mines and passing traffic if we are allowed to be more creatives in business and leverage our combined skills away from politics - we can be great.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition through the following ways:

Email signatures
Deliver a copy of the petition to all relevant offices
Issue a press statement to local and national papers

Mahwelereng-B, Mokopane, Limpopo, South Africa

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