To: Western Cape Education MEC,Debbie Schäfer and Headmaster, Mr Marchand

Stop discriminatory hair rules at Fairbairn College

Dear MEC of Education Debbie Schafferi and Headmaster, Mr Marchand,

We the undersigned call on you to take swift action to ensure that:

- The school's code of conduct does not discriminate against children of colour

- Disciplinary action against teachers and other staff members implementing any racist policy and/or racist actions

Why is this important?

Black girls are not allowed to have afros,twists,dreadlocks etc.
Only certain types of braids are allowed.
Boys of colour with "nappy" hair are discriminated against.
White children are often given a pass on hair regulations while children of colour are sent home until their hair is what the school constitutes as neat .
Soccer is not allowed as it is predominantly played by people of colour.
Hugo Street, Goodwood, Cape Town, South Africa

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