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To: Film and Publications Board

We demand the FPB reinstates the classification rating of 16LS to the film Inxeba - The Wound

Retrospectively slapping an X18 restriction on INXEBA (THE WOUND) is a nothing short of ludicrous. We demand that the previous age restriction of 16 be reinstated with immediate effect and that the film be freely shown around the country wherever people want to see it. The LGBTQ+ community is tired of this bullying tactics, this time by traditional Xhosa leaders, and in effect by the Film and Publications Board.
We demand that the decision be reversed and that the film be shown freely without fear of violence.

Why is this important?

We demand that LGBTQ+ stories be heard. This is an important film, the story of which needs to be heard. Banning this important film reeks of homophobia. We will no longer stand for this abuse of the LGBTQ+ community. Do we also have to burn things and threaten people with murder in order to get our way?
South Africa's LGBTQ+ community is still being bullied, this time by traditional leaders and FPB, silencing LGBTQ+ stories and keeping LGBTQ+ people in the closet. We will not accept this. SA's Constitution protects LGBTQ+ rights, but it seems we still need to fight to have a simple story like this told.
While this story is set against a traditional Xhosa backdrop, it is a universal story that speaks to all of us, and based on the many awards this film has won, to the world.

How it will be delivered

GaySA Radio will hold a press conference and use all our contacts internationally to expose the shameful action of the FPB.



2018-03-08 23:20:55 +0200

Partial victory! Inxeba (The Wound) is allowed back in cinemas with an age restriction of 18. The ruling on the age restriction will be made in court later this month.

2018-02-16 00:53:10 +0200

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2018-02-15 17:26:03 +0200

"I'm allowed to be emotional. This is my life. These are our lives. And I fucking refuse to live in shame for your patriarchy to keep living. I'm an umXhosa and I don't know what to do with what I love, but doesn't love me." Nakhane Toure

2018-02-15 13:17:40 +0200

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2018-02-15 12:13:38 +0200

This banning is ludicrous!
"Inxeba first 'non-pornographic' film to get X18 rating."

2018-02-15 12:12:54 +0200



2018-02-15 12:12:04 +0200

FPB also said in the series of tweets: “The Chairperson of the Appeals Tribunal in consultation with other tribunal members agreed to hear the appeal based on applications lodged by CONTRALESA Gauteng and The Men and Boy Foundation. The complaints were largely based on the perceived cultural insensitivity and distortion of the Xhosa Circumcision tradition (Ulwaluko), strong language in the film.”


2018-02-15 12:03:55 +0200

This movie is most definately NOT pornographic!

2018-02-15 12:03:42 +0200

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2018-02-15 11:56:36 +0200

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