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To: Overstrand Municipality

Stop The Sandbaai Commonage Sale

To stop the Sandbaai Commonage sale ,and other land sale within Hermanus Area

Why is this important?

We have great concern that our needs are not being understood as they are not being recognized.
We request your urgent attention to this as the IDP for the next 5 years is in the process of being developed. Our needs must be catered for.
We are looking for you to support land identification and allocation for middle class housing that is affordable in Hermanus close to Zwelihle, transport and our places of work.
This is NOT GAP Housing.
It is a totally different model.
Our Needs:
We, the Hermanus Middle Class Housing Committee represent over 200 middle class professionals living in Zwelihle and working in Hermanus who simply need:
1. To live in a home that is not one room and is made from bricks and mortar (instead of often a zinc shack).
2. To have the option of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes with their own yard where our children can play safely out of the traffic.
3. To have the option to buy already developed units.
4. Different repayment models, besides outright purchase as a bonded house subsidy houses
5. To be part of an integrated development plan that is not built on an Apartheid model. We need to enter the “normal” property market.
6. To be fully consulted with regards and future proposals.
Our needs are NOT GAP housing.
We are NOT looking for FREE housing.
We earn well and are willing to pay for something we can afford. We will apply for bonds. We want something much more than an RDP or GAP house.
BUT we cannot afford the hugely inflated property and land prices in and around Hermanus. They say there is no land in Hermanus but land sale are out for tender.Hermanus has become probably the most unequal town of its size in South Africa. The wealthy have their spacious properties and the poor are stuck in townships bursting at the seams. Hermanus properties and rentals at a reasonable monthly payment for middle class people in any area are simply not available. Middle Class people are forced to live in squalor while they can afford more.
The people included in this ‘middle class’ classification include there are many educators, health workers, Correctional services,municipal employees and other professionals, who will soon move out of Hermanus to find acceptable housing in other places, if they cannot get affordable accommodation. Already there is a problem at schools with teacher posts vacant as young people don’t want to live here.
Obviously there are business owners who also have no viable options for creating homes for themselves.

Hermanus, Western Cape, South Africa

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On the 14 March MC Committee will meet the Overstrand Municipality with regards to the land issue for Middle class houses. The article was also out in Hermanus Times,Thanks to Jojo for a visit ,together we can

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Yesterday on the 20 February 2017 at Zwelihle Community Hall, There was a meeting with the Minister of Human Settlement Mr Bonginkosi Madikizela , our grievances were heared and i gave him the Letter that the committee wrote to Overstrand Municipality, he said " I would like to meet the Proffesionals and Hermanus Middle Class people separately from Backyard dwellers ,so that we can get way forward" I told him about the Sandbaai Commonage Sale that was out for tender ,while the OM says there is no land but they are busy selling the land to the highest bidder

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