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To: Finance Minister Godongwana

Tell Treasury transparency is not optional

Your mandate is to serve the people; if you are doing this, you and Treasury officials should have nothing to hide.

Why is this important?

Treasury is refusing to answer a very simple question. Did big sugar businesses influence their decision to reverse the sugary drinks tax increase? Last year, campaign supporters flooded Treasury with messages calling for transparency, and HEALA submitted a Public Access to Information Act (PAIA) application.

Treasury’s refusal to account to the public is a red flag, especially because Finance Minister Godongwana gave big sugar businesses what they wanted: a two-year moratorium on increasing the sugary drinks tax. But this isn’t over. Finance Minister Godongwana is delivering his Mid-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) next week, and he is under pressure to raise funds. Treasury has suggested increasing VAT by 2%, which would fuel the cost of living crises. This is our opportunity to push for increasing the sugary drinks tax (HPL) instead. Can you take a moment to send a message to Treasury?

South Africa

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