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To: Ekurhuleni municipality

Build a school for the children of Marathon and Makause informal settlement

This campaign has ended.

To whom it may concern.
This is a signed petition from the residence of the Marathon and Makause informal settlement.
This shows the people's desire to have a school within walking distance from the informal settlement. A school that will give people -who can not afford to pay more than R200 a month for school fees- a place to send their children

Why is this important?

There are children who live the in Marathon and Makouse informal settlements in Germiston who do not go to school due to the following:
Not being able to afford school fees in near by schools.
The nearest government school is full
Not being able to afford transportation to other government schools
There are children between the ages 9-12 who have not been to school in their lives. There is an urgent need to usher these children through the basic education system.
Germiston, Gauteng, South Africa

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2016-08-21 19:48:29 +0200

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