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To: Minister of Employment and Labour, Thulas Nxesi

UIF must pay back our money on time!

We want the Minister and the Department of Labour to implement these demands:
1. Appoint a team that will deal with the following:
2. Solve the issue of the backlog of UIF claims.
3. Fast track the payment of UIF benefit to beneficiaries.
4. Appoint competent staff at the Call Centre that will have full powers to deal with complaints on the spot, instead of escalating the issues.
5. As beneficiaries, be given the full statement of the payments due to us that will have exact amounts to expect and the duration of the payments.

Why is this important?

I applied for UIF unemployment benefit in October 2022. It was in July 2023. Got communication in August 2023 that my claim has been approved, now I have to submit a continuation of payment for the release of the money. I got the first payment in October, got the second one in November then got the third one in January 2024. I am still waiting for the next payment which has been delayed. When I call the Call Centre, every time I get a different story. The call centre agents always say they will escalate the matter but I find no joy in calling them anymore because they always don't have answers to any of my concerns. When you go to the Department of Labour offices, they will tell you that the you might get your money the following week but that does not happen. I believe that the UIF PAYOUTS should provide us with temporary relief on monthly basis when we loose a job. As this is an insurance, they also tell us how much are we going to receive and for how long instead of withholding that information to us. Other people on the group that I belong to have applied for maternity benefits but they only get one payment and then they have to go back to work without receiving all that is due to them. The Minister of Employment and Labour, Thulas Nxesi should intervene to address these delays with the monies that are due to us and fast track the payments to the beneficiaries.

How it will be delivered

The signatures will be delivered via email to the Minister and the Department of Labour


2024-04-03 08:43:20 +0200

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