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To: SM Mogale Letsie

University cheque registrations for all Matriculants of Merafong

Dear Mogale Letsie (Mayor),
I hope this letter finds you, I have an understanding that the Merafong Municipality has some sort of University registration aid to give out to matriculants who have been accepted to higher learning, or at least that is what the application forms indicate. For years now grade 12 pupils particularly from Kokosi Location have found it hard to access higher learning not because they are not capable but because most of them come from the working class and some from poor of the poorest background. The initiative was began by the Merafong Municipality along with some of the surrounding mines, however quiet a lot of people that apply for the cheques never get response some get response when they have made other means to get the money to register into their desired Universities, (Around April/June). I remember applying back in 2015 and I never got any response and whenever we went to the Municipality office to find out what the delay could be, we were always told that the cheques are ready but Mike who happened to be the youth coordinator/re-presenter was not in at the office. I would like you as the mayor to ensure that there is some transparency to the registration cheques process and that all the matriculants that apply for this initiative be given the registration cheques and that they are all contacted because "education is a right not a privilege"

Why is this important?

This is of importance because the Merafong Municipality has to give their word to the youth of Merafong and ensure that they reduce the levels of crime in our community particularly in Kokosi Location, because the youth there post their grade -12 most of them have no where to work and nothing better to do they therefore commit crime and the levels of teen girls pregnant is on the rise because their sub-conscious thinking/behavior has been manipulated that when they finish their grade-12 they will not be given the chance to also access higher learning. Therefore, the Municipality and the Mayor of Merafong has to assist the youth through education.

Merafong City Local Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa

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