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To: Minister of Health, Dr Joe Phaahla & Deputy Minister, Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo

We need unhealthy food warning labels so we know which foods threaten our health

We put warning labels on cigarettes, but many food products can also be a threat to our health. That is why we need warning labels on packaged food.

Unhealthy food products, particularly those high in salt, sugar, and fat, pose a great risk to our health. Currently, we have no easy way to identify them. We need to know what harmful ingredients are in our foods so we can protect our families from developing life threatening diseases. That is why the proposed front of pack warning labels are so important. We call on you to put our health first and stand up to corporate bullies. We cannot afford any more delays to opening public comment. South Africans are demanding easy to read food front-of-package warning labels that will alert us to the dangers of unhealthy foods we are consuming.

Why is this important?

Shops across South Africa are filled with pre-packaged foods that are processed with high levels of added sugars, salt, and saturated fats. A diet high in sugar, sodium or saturated fat can increase the risk of developing life threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. Easy to read food front-of-package warning labels can help consumers quickly, easily, and correctly identify foods high in nutrients of concern, such as excess salt, fat and sugar. The good news is the Department of Health is considering warning labels, and could start the process of implementing them by opening public comment. But already big food companies are trying to lobby against these warning labels [1]. But if enough of us come together, we can help ensure the department puts our health first, not corporate profits.

We believe that we, not the food and drinks industry, have the right to decide what we are willing to put in our bodies. The people of South African deserve to know what is in our food.




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