Access to Railway Stations for old and disabled people.

Create ramps at ALL stations for the old and disabled to access the railway stations. For instance, Woodstock, Esplenade and Ysterplaat stations, which services lots of older folk, do now have adequate covering or ramp access for the old mammas who have to travel to the laanie areas to clean houses of the wealthy middle class, who run the institutions like PRASA.

Why is this important?

The bedrock of our nations is the older folk who suffered and endured the brunt of the apartheid regimefor years, who sacrificed their youth and who have contributed, in no small measure, to the economy of this country - yes they did! - are being marginalised because they are not spending hundreds of thousands of rands per annum on housing or holidays or shopping at the top boutiques. If they don't get to the baas' (white, black, brown or pink) house early enough, then the baas cannot go to work knowing that their kid(s) are safe, their house will be looked after and cleaned, the plumber/TV man/electrician will be given access to repair or install some new equipment/appliance.

I want them to get the consideration and respect due to them!