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To: Bolt(Taxify)


Dear Bolt South Africa

1.Screen and scrutinize your drivers before you allow them to use your app for business.
2. Include the driver's registration plate number in the Bolt (Taxify) invoice sent over email.
3. Be accessible to your client base over call.

Why is this important?

Countless people particularly womxn and children are not safe in Bolt (Taxify) rides. There have been countless events in and around Cape Town where drivers have robbed and dropped off clients in the middle of nowhere.

On the 6th of June 2019 I had an experience of my own where I was robbed by a drive who seems to have carefully planned the robbery. The ride was about 30 minutes but he ended the trip (without informing me) within 5 minutes of me and my boyfriend entering the car.

The robbery caused me a lot of trauma. Bolt (Taxify) worsened my trauma by taking very long to reply to my email, and messages on Facebook. When they finally replied, their response offered no help at all and there was no sense of them taking responsibility and seeing the sense of urgency my complaint had.

After a couple of days running through their page, I noticed a lot of other womxn and men who had some what the same complaint. They were violated by the driver, robbed and/or dropped in the middle of nowhere. Additionally, Bolt (Taxify) couldn't care less. They take days replying to the complaints, or don't reply at all. When they do reply, they offer no real help.

They further continue to protect the drivers, by refusing to give the clients the car registration number of the driver. In the case of a robbery this leaves clients at a place where even if they report the crime, the police don't have much to go on because they do not have sufficient and necessary information.

Refusing to issue the registration plate number of a driver to a client is ridiculous. Firstly because when the client requests a ride they are given that information so it is senseless to refuse to issue it to them on request, especially since Bolt (Taxify) can confirm that the client requested and had a ride with that driver. Secondly, this is one of the easiest ways that the police can track the driver and car with, and this kind of information is often requested by the police from them the client when laying a charge rather than later on. Lastly, Bolt (Taxify) should include the registration plate number on the invoice over email because this empowers the client especially womxn, ensures their safety and arms them with information.

The safety of people is paramount!

Cape Town, South Africa

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