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To: Zara

Zara pay back the money to Laduma Ngxokolo

Even though Zara has removed their copies of Laduma Ngxokolos products from their stores, we agree with the the Chairperson of the Select Committee on Trade and International Relations, Mr Eddie Makue, that Zara should pay Laduma Ngxokolo the money they made from ripping of MaXhosa [1].

Why is this important?


Ours is a history of ongoing exploitation from white monopoly capital, and this time the brand Zara has decided to appropriate Laduma Ngoxolo's designs, by distributing his socks on their website (which they have since taken down). Despite this a small town boy, who worked extremely hard building his business in the Eastern Cape has to utilize his resources to take on an established multi-billion dollar company that tried to rip him off. Since Laduma will have to use his own resources, it is time for South Africans to come together to create a dent in the Zara wallet. Cultural appropriation and exploitation is a tale as old as time, where white capital benefits from the knowledge created in indigenous communities.

Boycott all Zara stores in order to send a clear message that we will not tolerate the exploitation of our artists and our people!


[1] Press release from Select Committees Chairperson:

[2] Press release from MaXhosa by Laduma

South Africa

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