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To: MEC for Social Development in Limpopo-Nkakareng Rakgoale

Tell MEC Nkakareng Rakgoale to build a center for the Gogogetters in Musina

The campaign wants MEC for Social Development in Limpopo to building a center for the black old aged women with craft skills in Musina, so they can make extra income from their work and also keep them busy to enhance a healthy lifestyle. According to the Older Persons Act 13 of 2006, the Social Development sector has a mandate to enhance the quality life of older persons by engaging them in programmes that promote social, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing to prevent or delay the onset of ageing challenges [1].

Why is this important?

Building a center for the Gogogetters is part of the Department of Social Development’s mandate to deepen social assistance and enhancing the capabilities of communities to achieve sustainable livelihoods and household food security[2]. It is important because old people are seen as a liability, while in actual fact they can have a big impact on social and economic prosperity locally and globally.
Gogogetters are lacking recognition because of the pervasive negative perception of ageing hence, they are finding it hard to build a center for themselves. The Musina Local Municipality has since given the Gogogetters land to build a center but because of financial difficulties, they are unable to utilize the land. Gogogetters are ready to venture into entrepreneurship because it is an important role in the country’s development. The center will boost the economy of Musina and attract more tourists as it is one of South Africa’s special economic zones.
Looking at the 2019 Statistics South Africa’s Quarterly announcement of unemployment rate in the country, it has increased to 27,6% hence such an initiative is for a good cause as it will help deal with unemployment challenges [3].
The budget from Social Development is not enough and this campaign is calling upon the newly elected MEC for Social Development in Limpopo,Nkakareng Rakgoale to make sure the budget allocated for Gogogetters is increased to enable the building of the center that the Gogogetters have been longing for the past 3 years.
Let’s come together and signing to join this campaign to ensure MEC Nkakareng Rakgoale builds a center to better the lives of Gogogetters.

Namadzavho Mukona is a 69 year old Gogogetter whose life has been positively changed by this organization. She says because of Gogogetters, “I no longer get sick by always sleeping at home doing nothing. The activities we do at the Gogogetters are keeping me active and healthy”.

[1] South African Year Book, Social Development 2016/2017

[2] Investigative Hearing into Systematic Complaints Relating to the Treatment of Older Persons, South African Human Rights 09 June 2015

[3] SA’s Unemployment rate spikes, Sarah Smith of Mail &Guardian 14 May 2019
Musina, South Africa

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2019-06-11 13:00:27 +0200

Meeting with the Gogogetters now at 13:00hrs, before sending the petition to the MEC. This is to go through the importance of this center they want and how best we will deal with any possible setbacks after sending the petition by 16:00hrs today.

2019-06-04 16:06:28 +0200

50 signatures reached

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