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To: Premier of North West Job Mokgoro

Call on the North West Provincial Government to release the Mafereka Commission Report

Dear Premier Job Mokgoro, we demand that you release the Mafereka Commission Report.

In 2011, the North West Provincial Government established the Mafereka Commission to look into traditional leadership in the province and the report was completed in 2013 but has been kept under wraps ever since.

The mineral-rich Bapo Ba Mogale community in the province is still looking for answers from this report that will enable them to have a proper governance structure [1].

Your delayed release of the Mafereka Commission report means that the traditional leadership disputes in the community remain unresolved.

Furthermore, the community cannot have a formal structure to handle issues of mining royalties paid by the mines that operate on their land. They have previously been subject to administration and royalties of more than R600 millions which were syphoned from the community.

Release the Mafereka Commission Report now!

Petition organised by Corruption Watch

Why is this important?

Help us strengthen the voices of the Bapo Ba Mogale community in their quest to make the findings of the Mafereka Commission report public.

We need your support today!

Our demand: We call upon the North West premier to release the Mafereka Commission Report. A report that will assist the Bapo Ba Mogale community in establishing a proper governance structure.

The Mafareka Commission is one of many commissions of inquiry established by the North West Province to fact-find the existence of a rightful traditional leadership.

Commissions of inquiry should advance values of accountability and participatory democracy. In the absence of transparency, affected communities and interested parties are unable to engage the findings of the commission and the purpose of the commission becomes compromised.



North West, South Africa

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Reasons for signing

  • To know the rightful traditional leaders
  • The community needs that report because it is believed that the rightful chief will endeavor to restore Bapo Tribe, ensure that there is accountability and excellent governance in the Tribe. Why can't it be release ten years later and having a high court compelling order compelling premier to release it but still release, is another reason why I want it released so that the public can be reassured that the Justice system is still or is working on all or selected individuals.
  • The corruption in our country is rising


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