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To: Ngqushwa Municipal Manager - Mr Mnyimba

Glenmore community demands answers!

Dear Mr Mnyimba, We, the undersigned call on your office to release all information pertaining to development work being done in Glenmore especially the refurbishment of the Glenmore Sports Field. It is our right to know and as stated in the Municipal Systems Act, that SDAs and MSPAs must be made public, so that citizens can see and keep track of who, what, when and how much companies contracted to deliver services are paid.

Why is this important?

The people of Glenmore want to exercise their rights and have realised that for Glenmore to develop they need to rise up as a community and demand to be taken seriously. Services rendered should be done as per specifications, should be time bound and someone must account for work done that is below the specified standard.

Black contractors appointed by the municipality should ensure that their work leaves a lasting legacy for generations to come and not to produce a "final product" that will need to be demolished/redone in a short period. Black business should strive for excellence, positioning them for leadership.

Proper social facilitation should be the cornerstone for any and all community development projects. We can improve service delivery and fight corruption in our Municipality by ensuring all Service Delivery Agreements (SDAs) are public and easily accessible to all. Communities need not resort to violent protest. Transparency now!

How it will be delivered

This petition will be hand-delivered by the community to the Municipal Manager.


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