To: Minister of Justice

free political prisoners in South Africa

This campaign has ended.

The government of South Africa is claiming to a democratic country while it has political prisoners.APLA soldiers are still languishing in jail,while they should be considered the heroes that fought against the Apartheid regime.It is hard to even imagine that there are black prisoners in South Africa who fought against a violent and murderous regime of the Apartheid.Proof that in South Africa there is White Supremacy and yet criminals like De -Kock who murdered +-280 black South African are free,yet an APLA soldier who killed one traffic officer is still in prison and must report to prison everyday.

Why is this important?

The case of black political prisoners still in jail sends a message that the life of a black person does not mean anything even to other black people more specifically black government(with a colonised minds).It i more important to this democratic to release a mass murderer like De Kock than to release Kenny Motsamai.
South Africa

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