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To: South African Football Association (SAFA)

Gender Wage Gap: Banyana Banyana must get equal pay!

Gender Wage Gap: Banyana Banyana must get equal pay!

Pay Banyana Banyana players the same as Bafana Bafana. Women should not earn less than men. South African Football Association (SAFA) should stop shifting the responsibility to corporate SA [1] give an equal pay now!

Why is this important?

South African women earn 27% less than men [2]. Our country already faces so many gendered social and economical issues and the gender pay gap also contributes to these issues. Our national women’s soccer team Banyana Banyana is just one example of women who work hard, yet they still remain underpaid and underfunded compared to Bafana Bafana (national men’s soccer team).

If the argument has been that men work harder than women and “deserve” a higher pay, then without a doubt our women’s team have proven themselves to have worked harder than the men, but the willingness to increase their salaries still remains low.

Earning an equal salary should not be about one’s gender, it should be about the fact that people do the same work in the same industry, and therefore should be paid the same. The time is now - SAFA must take action and pay the women what they deserve.

[1] Jordaan calls for help to boost Banyana salaries amid outcry, Matshelane Mamabolo for IOL, 30 November 2018
[2] Do South African women earn 27% less than men?, Gopolang Makau for Africa Check, 27 September 2017

Reasons for signing

  • The logic of women deserving to be paid less than men baffles me, it is utter nonsense!
  • There is no difference between women and men we are all equally. The payment of the ladies is very low and of men is massive.This is creating inequality. Women deserve to get the same payment as men. Women have families to feed same as men but with the salaries they are getting its not helping it makes them famous and broke.
  • thiz youn ladies deserve more than what this Safa institute pays ,just check how they perfom.why money,money & money for Bafana who can not even spell the word AFCON FINAL.


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SAFA has committed to a bonus for Banyana Banyana, this is not equal pay, but it is a step in the right direction. Lets keep mobilising

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