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To: Minister of Police, Hon. Fikile Mbalula

Halt Upgrades to Muizenberg Police Station

The proposed upgrades were halted, we will monitor the situation and join in solidarity with the people of Nyanga who are calling for the construction of a second police station.

1. Reconsider decision to allocate R100 million to upgrade an existing Police Station. The R100 million should be used to build new police stations in areas such as Kraaifontein, Nyanga, Makhaza, Masiphumelele, Khayelitsha and Vrygrond.
2. Review the Theoretical Human Resources Requirements (THRR) system.
3. We demand a fair and just allocation of police resources.
4. We demand the re-allocation of police resources from safer communities to unsafe communities.

Why is this important?

It makes no sense to upgrade Muizenberg police station considering some poor communities urgently require more police resources, including stations. According to Statistics SA, there were 27 murders reported in Muizenberg last year, while 279 people were killed in Nyanga and another 161 in Khayelitsha during the same period.

“Our argument is that more officers are deployed to areas where there is no need and this confirms our suspicion that SAPS continues to serve only white communities.”
"There are more police resources deployed to areas where there is no need. This situation confirms our suspicions that SAPS continue only serve white communities."
“Police must stop prioritising white and rich communities, because we know people who live in those areas have access to private security.”

Western Cape, South Africa

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