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To: US Embassy and Consulates in South Africa

#HandsOffVenezuela! #TrumpHandsOffVenezuela

We, the undersigned, call on the US Embassy and Consulates in South Africa to condemn US President Donald Trump's actions against Venezuela's sovereignty. We call on you to stand with the Venezuelan people and their right to constitutionally and democratically elect their leaders without foreign and Western intervention.

Why is this important?

President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro was democratically voted into power and now US imperialism under Donald Trump and his allies in the European Union and Britain want regime change and are orchestrating a coup together with the support of the rich in Venezuela.

After talking on the phone with US Vice President Mike Pence, President Maduro’s opponent Juan Guiado declared himself interim president. Soon after US President Donald Trump came out in support of Juan Guiado as interim president and Canada, the EU and right-wing, nationalist governments in South America known as the Lima-Group (Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia and Paraguay) were all very quick to declare their support for Guiado.

Juan Guiado wasn’t democratically elected and it’s clear he is being propped up by right-wing governments and the West as a leader sympathetic to their right-wing, nationalist and capitalist ideologies and oil and gold interests.

Besides wanting to own/control Venezuela’s oil and gold reserves, US imperialism cannot allow alternatives that promote the interests of the people to exist, especially not in its so-called backyard! For years now they have been blockading Venezuela and creating a crisis by blocking food and medicine imports. This has been part of their plan to destabilize the country, agitate the people into pushing for regime change and ousting Maduro’s leftist government. US President Trump’s recent speech calling on Venezuela’s military to back Juan Guiado as President is a clear attempt to escalate the situation in Venezuela. The West’s support of Guiado and meddling in the country is only leading to more violence and escalation.

If enough of us come together, we can pressure the US embassy and consulate in South Africa to condemn Trump's actions against Venezuelan sovereignty and support the Venezuelan's right to constitutionally and democratically elect their leaders without foreign and Western intervention.

Support the people of Venezuela in their struggle for sovereignty, to determine their own future, to build the society they want to live in and to have a government of their choice.

Many around the world are joining the struggle to resist the US & EU’s attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela. Hence the Red Cross and UN agencies are not supporting the US sanctions and boycott of Venezuela.

Defend the Right of Venezuela to Determine Its Destiny!
Say Hands OFF Venezuela!

Sign the petition #HandsOffVenezuela

For more information on the campaign and International Solidarity initiatives in South Africa contact the Venezuela’s Solidarity Committee in South Africa:

Contact: 011 336 9190
Email: [email protected]



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