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To: Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti of France

Justice for Dulcie

*Campaign update: The request to reopen the investigation was rejected in December 2022. Her murder remains a mystery to this day. Despite various campaigns and calls for the French government to reopen the investigation. Read more here:

On 29 March 1988 ANC anti-Apartheid activist, Dulcie September was brutally murdered in Paris. To date nobody has been found guilty. The case in France was closed after 4 years. This was a miscarraige of justice.

33 years after her assassination Advocate Yves Laurin, acting on behalf of Dulcie September’s family, has served papers to motivate for re-opening the case. The documentary, Murder in Paris will be submitted to support the argument.
We urge the French state to allow this case to be argued in court and for the evidence to be presented and heard so that Dulcie’s killers would be exposed and Justice for Dulcie served.

On a recent visit to South Africa President Macron of France viewed the Dulcie September exhibition at the Nelson Mandela Foundation. He was alerted of the submission to the High Court in Paris to re-open the investigation into Dulcie’s murder. He said “we will look into it". Let's hold him to that promise.

Why is this important?

Dulcie gave her life fighting for what is just and fair.
At the time of her assassination, her work exposed links between global powers and arms manufacturers , the effects of which are still being felt today.

At Dulcie’s funeral Oliver Tambo stated: 
The African National Congress make this solemn vow: that these murderers, who today arrogantly strut the globe, will be brought to justice, it might not be tomorrow
Dulcie’s family have waited 33 years for this. It is our responsibility to ensure that justice is served – in defence of truth and in upholding the principles of democracy and freedom we want Justice for Dulcie
Johannesburg, South Africa

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