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To: Minister of Finance – Tito Mboweni

Tell Finance Minister to fully fund the IPID


We demand that the Minister of finance allocate a budget to fully fund the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) services to mitigate corruption within the South African police force. Right now, the IPID is partly funded through the SAPS [1] which undermines their independence. This interferes with their ability to investigate the police without bias.

Why is this important?

Many women in South Africa have been victims of rape, murder and robbery by the hands that are meant to protect them, and not enough is being actively done to protect them. [3] To restore trust between the police and women, The IPID must be fully independent of SAPS. It’s the IPID’s duty to be ‘watchdogs’ over unlawful acts by the police. But they’ve failed to do this possibly because of the level of dependence on SAPS. To this day, not one police officer has been arrested for shooting at the Marikana miners. The Farlam Commision of Inquiry revealed nothing but poor leadership from the Saps, resulting in lives lost and no justice served.[4]
The Finance Minister is currently working on his budget speech for February, there is no better time to act. We have a chance to ensure IPID is fully independent. If we don’t act now, we may have to wait another year for the next budget.







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