To: AB Xuma local municipality, Mr Siyabulela Zangqa, AB Xuma Municipality

Mayor finish building the Nogqala bridge in Ngcobo

As the residents of Noqgala, we were promised a bridge 20 years ago, in 2021, we were so happy to see construction starting, yet right now, there has been no bridge built. All we have is a steel rod and some concrete, but we were told R9,7 million has been spent on this project. The last contractor to ever be visible in this area was last seen in November 2023 [1] and they have not returned since. We want the mayor, Mr Siyabulela Zangqa and the municipality to finish building the bridge.

Why is this important?

We have been promised the bridge for the past 20 years, but not having the bridge is affecting us as residents, children are unable to get to school when it rains they are forced to only return to school in May after the rainy season, which impacts their schooling. High school learners are even forced to rent places closer to the school just so they are able to attend classes [2] We can’t go to the clinic to get treatment, we can't go to town. It's worse when someone passes on, we are forced to carry the coffin for a very long distance because we can't cross that river it's too dangerous. The river has claimed many lives and the delays by the municipality continue to threaten us as the community of Noqgala [3], if you add your name to this petition you can help us get the municipality to hear our cries we are tired of being ignored, 20 years is a long time and we need clear plans and a timeline of when will the bridge be completed.

Ngcobo, 5050, South Africa

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