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To: Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe

Call on Min. of Energy to commit to providing electricity for the families of Soshanguve

Dear Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe

We the undersigned are calling on you to provide electricity for rural/shack settlements in Soshanguve so they don't have to use faulty, dangerous and life-threatening primus stoves.

Why is this important?

The number of burn victims is raising because of faulty prima stoves that explode.
My sister Khensani, was unfortunately one of the victims/survivors in October 2019. She was preparing Sunday lunch for her children when all of a sudden the primus stove that she was using exploded and her face and abdomen caught fire. She was in ICU for weeks and she's still in hospital three months later at Dr George Mukhari Academic Hospital. Ever since this incidence we've discovered that she hasn't been the only one to experience this horror. We've met a number of other patients who have burned because of faulty primus stoves. This is a terrible ordeal that no one should ever have to experience, life has been very difficult for the whole family ever since. Khensani has 4 handsome sons who almost lost their mother because of this, Every South African citizen SHOULD have electricity! Primus stoves should be banned.


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