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To: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

Pay the Kruger National Park Claimants NOW!

On May 21, 2016 the communities of Muyexe, Ndindani, Madonsi and Nwadzekudzeku received the BIG cheques indicating the combined settlement amount for the families per community. More than two months later the claimants remain unpaid. I call upon the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform to STOP delaying payments to the communities They have waited already for a long time. The big cheques have already been photoraphed being handed over to them by the Minister in the presence of the President. They must prove that the claimants will be true stakeholders of their land. Power to the claimants!

Why is this important?

Claimants rights are important to correct the injustice of the past. Some claimants have died not seeing justice, among them, the great Chief Muyexe.

Giyani,  Limpopo

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