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To: The Governing Body , Pietermaritzburg Girls'High School

PMB GHS, act against racism

1. Miss Morris must issue a public apology, in writing as well as in front of the whole school at assembly. This apology must be unreserved; no excuses.

2. Miss Morris must be banned from eligibility for any leadership positions for the duration of her enrollment at GHS.

3. The school must extend an olive branch to Old Girls and the community, by renaming all the houses to the names of South African women who were involved in the struggle against apartheid.

4. The school must commit itself to a zero-tolerance Anti-racism policy should be implemented, with a transparent process for reporting racist incidents at the school, for both learners and staff. Nobody should be victimised for coming forward.

5. Each learner should be required, upon admission into the school, to attend a compulsory course on race relations in SA and around the globe, covering things such as the history behind the use of the k-word, the Constitution & the necessity of transformation in an unequal society.

6. The school must commit itself to a programme the creates a safe, open-minded space where learners get the opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures of their fellow learners.

Why is this important?

Racism should not be tolerated, ever. There is no excuse. Real and permanent changes must be made.

Read more about the incident here:


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