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To: The Department of Rural Development & Land Reform, and the Department of Basic Education

Racist mass killer milking the poor

This campaign has ended.

1. The Department of Rural Development & Land Reform must investigate how Louis van Schoor who murdered 39 black people between 1986 and 1989 while employed as a security guard in East London, is now a director and beneficiary of a dairy farm project that is meant to empower black people.
2. The The Department of Rural Development & Land Reform must review its screening process in identifying mentors.
3. The Department of Basic Education must cancel its contract with Kingsdale Dairy Farm while Louis van Schoor is in its employ.
4. Christopher Ngubelanga and Patricia Ngubelanga, the other beneficiaries of the farm to dismiss Louis van Schoor as their mentor and direcotr.

Why is this important?

In previous interviews Van Schoor admitted to shooting at least 100 black people he claimed were burglars around Cambridge, a white suburb in East London.
In an interview with the Guardian in 2006, Van Schoor refused to apologise for the killings, saying he was merely doing his job. He is quoted saying, "I never apologised for what I did. I apologised for any hurt or pain that I caused through my actions during the course of my work."
Government funds cannot be spent on benefiting unapologetic racist mass killers. That Louis van Schoor is a mentor and director for the beneficiaries of Kingsdale Dairy Farm is a slap in the face for the fight against racism and the quest for justice in Mzansi.



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