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To: The SABC

SABC must screen Project Spear

To screen the documentary titled Project Spear which sheds light on the corrupt removal of billions from South Africa in the run-up to the country's 1994 National elections.

Why is this important?

Project Spear tracks the theft through corruption of some R30 billion from South Africa in the run-up to the 1994 national elections.

Despite having commissioned the film, the Public Broadcaster has gone to extraordinary lengths to try to prevent the South African public from seeing the film and learning about the loss to the country of state resources which could have financed a comprehensive reparations programme for victims of apartheid gross human rights violations.

Survivors of apartheid gross human rights violations struggle today still to advocate for the TRC-recommended reparations that represent a key component of justice for victims of apartheid crimes.

The SABC has also refused to sell the rights to the material gathered by Ms van Vollenhoven in her work of preparing Project Spear for the series entitled TRUTH BE TOLD. Project Spear uses creative choreography with “Bugsy Malone” style young performers to highlight corruption.



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