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To: Department of Home Affairs

Spousal Visa for LGBT Couple

Finally Home Affairs issued a spousal VISA, but it prohibits the the right to work or study.

Dear Minister of Home Affairs Mr Malusi Gigaba,

Please resolve Nomfundo and Wendy Ngidi-Kessman's spousal visa application!

They have been waiting for their final appeal response for more than 19 weeks when it’s not meant to be longer than 8-10 weeks. This is clearly a stalling tactic! Their previous appeal took 40 weeks, and its response was not even related to their application. Their lives are entirely on hold.


Without this, they cannot take the matter forward!

Better yet, approve their application and give them a chance to be a family and to live in dignity.

Why is this important?

Without a spousal visa, Wendy cannot:

Enroll in any institution
Register for school yet she was accepted for 2017
Get formal employment
Get proof of residence
Apply for a driver's licence
Open a bank account
Travel outside of South Africa which means the couple cannot... visit her FAMILY!

How can your department infringe so many rights? Nomfundo and Wendy have followed the law and procedures necessary for a spousal visa. It is not fair that their relationship is not recognized and acknowledged in the same way as a heterosexual couple. The law and the Constitution protect them. The Department of Home Affairs needs to be held accountable!


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