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To: Management of Jacaranda FM and Jacaranda FM’s shareholders.

Stand up for inclusivity, support Tumi Morake.

Jacaranda FM stands by Tumi Morake. Read more about this on the link below:

To explicitly support and protect Tumi Morake and her right to free speech against the continued social media insults that have racial undertones emanating from the comments she made on air asserting her pro-black stance.

Why is this important?

The comments made by Tumi are her reflection and interpretation of the structural effects of colonialism and apartheid that continue to plague majority of South Africans to this day.

As post-apartheid South Africans that are interested in inclusivity and unity, we believe healing will truly happen when we acknowledge past wrongs, own up to the wrongs through restitutive justice, and actively support initiatives that seek to heal and unite us.

The current social media onslaught, and the initiatives led by Afriforum and Solidarity to alienate and have Tumi Morake removed from the breakfast show, amongst other things, are not in the spirit of nation building and do not comprehend the spirit under which her comments were made.

We petition Jacaranda FM and its shareholders to stand up for the ideals on which the new South Africa is built on which are progressive and inclusive thinking.
South Africa

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