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To: Thandi Memela and Members of Parliament, Women in Presidency Chairperson

Stop applauding virginity testing

MPs refrained from referring to the bursary scheme following it being declared unlawful.

Stop celebrating virginity testing and follow the lead given by the Commission for Gender Equality where it declared virginity testing unconstitutional. As public representatives, you cannot make statements that go against a ruling by a Chapter Nine institution.

Why is this important?

Virginity testing has been found to violate young women's constitutional right to equality, dignity and privacy [1]. Chapter 12 of the Constitution says “a traditional authority that observes a system of customary law may function subject to any applicable legislation and customs, which includes amendments to, or repeal of, that legislation or those customs.”

It cannot be that in a democratic country we still have practices that reduce women’s worth and value, and MPs applaud such and go unchallenged.

[1] Virginity tests for bursaries are unconstitutional - gender equality commission,Thulani Gqirana for News24. Oct 25, 2016.


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