To: Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi and Headmistress, Mrs K du Toit

Stop Racism at Pretoria Girls High

This campaign has ended.

Dear MEC of Education Panyaza Lesufi and Headmistress, Mrs K du Toit,

We the undersigned call on you to take swift action to ensure that:

- The school's code of conduct does not discriminate against Black and Muslim girls;

- Disciplinary action against teachers and other staff members implementing any racist policy and/or racist actions

- Protection for the learners who protested to ensure they will not be victimised.

Why is this important?

Right now, learners at Pretoria High school are demanding that racist practices at the school are brought to an end. Girls attending the school have been forced to straighten their hair; are accused of conspiring when standing in groups and face other intolerable comments and actions.

We stand in solidarity with the learners, who marched at the school on the 26th to say enough is enough. It is unacceptable that in a country in which Black people are a demographic majority, we still today continue to be expected to pander to whiteness and to have it enforced through school policy.

Black children should be allowed to just be children, without being burdened with having to assert their humanity.

Gauteng, South Africa

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Reasons for signing

  • i just don't want them to be controlled we love them with the Afro Haiboo
  • No to apartheid practices
  • I’m all for stopping racism around the world and it’s a battle and within that big battle are little one like this and if you win theses battles you will win the big battle eventually. And also because my girlfriend went to Pretoria Girls High School