To: Tanzania Budget Donors

Stop riging Kagera donors condolences

Assure that what they donate goes to the intented program. In a goodwill gesture to ensure students resume classes, UK Department for International Development (DFID) donated 6.3bn/- to restore learning infrastructure in the quake hit Kagera Region.

The generous contribution is for rebuilding, upgrading and equipping the schools, which were badly damaged by a recent earthquake that also claimed 17 lives and destroyed houses, rendering hundreds of people homeless. Despite those contribution by national and international donors transparency is an issue in public expenditure is an issue. The victim are yet homless, children face difficulties going back to school and health of the old people sleepings on rags are questionable yet the goverment still insist it will not use the intented program

Why is this important?

This goverment has been rigging it own funds/budget in the name of recostruction of the corrupt system but corruption is even growing in alarming speed and has been musterminded by the state itself.