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To: Government, Police and University Managements


Recognising that South Africa’s university campuses are in grave crisis the undersigned academics and concerned persons, demand from the government, the police services and university managements that they immediately desist from a strategy of securitising campuses through the deployment of police and private security.

Why is this important?

Although there may be wide and reasonable disagreements with respect to both the goals and tactics of the student movement for free, quality and decolonised education, as well as the goals and tactics of university managements, the securitisation of campuses can never be an effective way of resolving differences.

Such securitisation can and has already has caused bodily harm and trauma to protestors, by-standers, academics, support staff and security personnel themselves, while further exacerbating fear and mistrust, thereby polarising positions and undermining academic freedom.

It is unreasonable and unsafe to expect students, academic staff and support staff to continue the academic project under these conditions. Moreover, it is antithetical to the pursuit of a negotiated solution that will enable the completion of the academic year successfully.

Academics and concerned persons, please sign the petition with your name and affiliation.


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