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To: Ricardo Tadeu, Zone President of Africa at SAB/AB InBev


South African Breweries has scrapped their campaign

SAB/AB InBev must stop using poverty and hunger to promote their ‘Beers for Africa 8‐pack’ sales. If they want to donate funds to alleviate poverty, they should do so without linking it directly to the sale of their products. They must follow the words of Madiba: "There can be no greater gift than giving one's time and energy to help other without expecting anything in return".

Why is this important?

South African Breweries recently launched a ‘Beers for Africa 8‐pack’ campaign to raise money in support of an NGO called Stop Hunger Now SA.
They claim that the money will be used to help food‐challenged students. Helping the students is a welcome initiative. However, the way they are raising the money is a problem.
SAB/AB InBev are encouraging people to buy their 8‐packs, which contain beers from six different Southern African countries, with the message that: "the more beer you buy, the more money we give to hungry students".
This marketing campaign is first and foremost in the commercial interests of SA Breweries (AB InBev) and should not be supported.
It is unethical to make a link between buying alcohol and feeding children. It also promotes an existing problem by encouraging people to drink more when we already have a drinking problems in the Southern African region.
Help us – the Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) – to stop SAB/AB Inbev from using poverty and hunger to promote their ‘Beers for Africa 8‐pack’ sales.


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