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To: Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) Minister Dawid Douglas Van Rooyen

Stop the Traditional Leadership and Khoisan Bill as it currently stands.

Develop a separate bill for recognition of Khoisan and their leaders since they have been marginalised
- Create enabling environment for Khoisan to have access to same opportunities including the right to land
- Transform Traditional Institutions as required by TLGFA of 2003 and ensure that Traditional Institutions are legally constituted
- Strengthen the consequences of non-compliance and foster few protections contained in the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act (TLFGA)
- STOP! The possibility of empowering greedy politically connected elites and Traditional leaders to make land development deals without consulting the land rights holders and communities
- Act against any bill that still entrenches apartheid boundaries.

Why is this important?

Any law that seeks to facilitate recognition of previously marginalised group or any development of land belonging to the people must ensure that community consultation and consent is at the centre. The TKLB closes down that space and excludes ordinary people from being consulted and give consent on decisions that will affect their lives. There needs to be meaningful public participation.

As it stands, the TKLB only highlights consultations with high profile structures such as the House of Traditional Leaders, royal families and traditional councils and there is no mention of rural citizens who are land buyers and customary land rights users.

The TKLB supports rural elites' access to wealth and resources. It does not put in place mechanisms that holds leaders accountable to their people. The discovery of mineral wealth in the land that was once considered dry and not productive has brought about disputes where people’s peace is disrupted by big mining companies, and when people react they are suppressed and criminalized.

How it will be delivered

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