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To: The Management of the University of the Free State

Support the #UFSShutdown

The UFS SRC and UFS Free Education Movement have called on the university´s management to declare support for free education. Demands include:

1) The reversal of the decision to increase UFS fees with 12.5%, and its replacement with a 0% increment for the year 2018.
2) UFS institutional support for students demanding free education now and the release of the Fees Commission report. Here, we provided amendable measures we expect them to implement.
3) Postponement of the examination commencement date scheduled for 23 October 2017, as well as the review of the entire examination timetable.
4) The accreditation off campus residences must be completed before the end of 2017 to ensure student safety.
5) Free, uncapped WiFi for all UFS students must be implemented and the current range must be extended to off campus students.

Why is this important?

These issues we raise relate to the academic, physical and socio-economic well being of students. The university is mandated to work on achieving these goals.

Your support is required to pressure the university to take decisive actions in ensuring it does so. The university must declare no increment, a revised timetable, its support for our cause, the provision of free WiFi and the accreditation of student accommodation.

We can no longer allow UFS students to be exposed to these issues.

University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa

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2017-10-25 16:07:32 +0200

Police have continued their victimisation of students. Arrested students were held for 4 hours in the back of a police van this morning:

2017-10-24 22:16:50 +0200

The police are investigating the use of live ammunition at UFS QwaQwa:

2017-10-24 03:44:03 +0200

1,000 signatures reached

2017-10-23 21:17:49 +0200

A better update of today :

2017-10-23 21:04:43 +0200

The media coverage so far: (It hasn´t covered enough aspects of the protest)


2017-10-23 20:13:28 +0200

Update from UFS on today´s activities:

2017-10-23 15:40:33 +0200

500 signatures reached

2017-10-23 13:04:01 +0200

100 signatures reached

2017-10-23 12:39:30 +0200

50 signatures reached

2017-10-23 11:24:17 +0200

25 signatures reached

2017-10-23 09:22:23 +0200

10 signatures reached