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To: The Minister of Finance and Minister of Labour. Alexander Forbes and GEPF

Unpaid Employees of the Bantustan of Bophuthatswana: SEBO Provident and Pension Funds

To investigate all administrators of SEBO who are alleged of maladministration and misappropriation of funds, amounted to R787 million, in which 400 000 members forfeited their provident funds.
Please help this our Elders, age between 45 and 105 years. Majority are pensioners. This money may change the economics of many households in SA.

Why is this important?

If our parents are robbed of their hard earned, blood sweat contribution to this administrators, then most children will loose their inheritance for education and livelihood.
Remember this is not a grant but monies contributed by this employees, it is a day robbery of everything they would ever have to change the economy of their lives.


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2019-10-29 11:57:09 +0200

We need the Minister of Finance to finalize this matter with the Curators and FSB. Be advised, every time one elder pass away, you and your administration are liable for the death of our parents, without getting their hard earned pension and provident funds.

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