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To: City of Johannesburg


Dear City of Johannesburg

Thank you for bringing a fast transport system to JOBURG.

We as your customers have a few concerns about the service we get from your employees, here are a few things that concerns us commuters:

1. Bus Drivers are too speedy on the road and they forget they are carrying people not parcels.

2. Customer service is very poor from the people who works at the bus stations, they give us bad attitude as if they are making us a favor by serving us.

3. The Smart Card system of us having to long distances to apply for a smart card, it is waiting our time and energy, we suggest all bus stations should have SMART CARDS ready to be sold.

4. The condition of bus doors, we feel it not safe for us being on a big bus that has 3 doors but the driver only opens 1 door, what is something bad happens? does that mean we will all go for 1 door all 100 of us?

5. Offline system does not help us travel smoothly because we become disappointed when we want to use your services and we find that we cant be helped, and the assistants dont assist at all.

Why is this important?

This is important because Rea Vaya came with something amazing and we prefer it more than other public transport, some of us left our cars at home because BRT is efficient and reasonable.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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