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To: All Political Parties in South Africa

Commit to Ending GBVF: A Call to Action for South African Political Parties

The Soul City Institute for Social Justice launches our #YVote4U campaign. As we approach the significant 2024 elections in our nation's democracy, Soul City Institute for Social Justice urges political parties to prioritise the fight against Gender-Based Violence and Femicide (GBVF) over traditional campaign strategies. This is a pivotal moment to demonstrate their dedication to creating a safe and equal society for all South Africans.

In alignment with our campaign, we call on each political party to:

Include GBVF in Election Manifestos: Explicitly commit to the full implementation of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for GBVF in your party manifestos.

Public Accountability: Publicly commit to specific actions to amplify and contribute to the implementation of the NSP for GBVF.

Engage in Meaningful Dialogue: Participate in discussions and forums that address the challenges and solutions related to GBVF.

Support Feminist Agendas: Acknowledge and incorporate feminist perspectives in policymaking, especially those focusing on marginalized groups.

Why is this important?

Following the president’s State of the Nation Address, we are concerned that it was the same broken record, and we still have no clear response to the scourge of GBV, as well as accountability measures. In his speech, President Ramaphosa said the government has protected and advanced the rights of members of the LGBTQIA+ community and continue to combat all forms of prejudice and intolerance, but the reality is that corrective rape rates and homophobia are at a high.

The experiences of girls, young women, and LGBTQIA+ persons demand urgent attention and action. Sign this petition to show your support for the #YVote4U campaign. Share it widely to ensure that GBVF remains a central issue in the 2024 elections and beyond. Let us unite in holding our political leaders accountable for creating a nation free from GBVF. We cannot afford to let GBVF become a backdrop in the 2024 elections. It's time for action, change, and a steadfast commitment from all political parties. Join us in this vital campaign to ensure a safer, more equitable future for all South Africans.

How it will be delivered

There will be a multi stakeholder picket before the elections, where will hand deliver our memorandum with all your signatures to political parties.



2024-04-18 11:02:04 +0200

100 signatures reached

2024-02-20 10:23:48 +0200

We have been working tirelessly to reach out to all political parties but only 1 has acknowledged receipt of our memorandum so far.

2024-02-06 10:03:08 +0200

We have sent out a memorandum asking political parties to show their commitment to ending GBV, as outlined in the National Strategic Plan for GBVF.  
Our team has been emailing and calling various parties, and while the responses have been overwhelmingly low, we are determined to continue engaging them and ensure that GBV becomes an essential component of their manifestos. Only one political party responded to our memorandum and we are planning to deliver the memorandum and the signatures through the multi-stake holder picket at Constitution hill on Friday 22 March 2024

2023-12-20 11:22:59 +0200

50 signatures reached

2023-12-10 18:42:38 +0200

25 signatures reached

2023-12-07 20:11:56 +0200

10 signatures reached