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To: Naledi Pandor, Minister of Higher Education & Training

Tell DUT to pay workers decent living wages and end the strike

Academic has resumed and the staff is back at work although their needs were not met but as a concerned parent and community member, we are content that all is back to normal atleast for the students.

Thank you to you and your staff and everyone that signed as we were able to get the DM to attend to the crisis, we remain grateful to you and hope and pray that the staff will also receive support for the remainder of the year.

Negotiate and finalize the salary increment requested by staff represented by Unions,Nehawu,Nteu and Tenusa.
Give the 10% salary increase, R9000 once off bonus and R400 housing to workers.
Ensure the academic calender is no longer delayed

Why is this important?

DUT staff moral is at its lowest because of the failure by management and the council to resolve this matter in a timely and respectful manner. Staff also deserve a decent salary for their living, it is a violation of their rights when they are ignored by the Vice Chancellor, management and the Council as well. This frustrates staff, and as a result they are withholding their labour and the whole university is badly affected.

We want our kids to study and we want staff that will attend to our student needs in a manner that truly affirms that DUT is a student centred university of which right now is not the case. The strike is affecting students in so many ways. One of the students, Sphamandla Gumede, when interviewed by Independent News said, "it makes me very angry. At home they don’t understand why we haven’t started studying. They are thinking I am coming to university to just waste money."

How it will be delivered

When we reach a 20 00 signatures we will hand deliver our petition to the Chairperson of Council with another sent to the Minister of Higher Education to fast-track the process.
We will stage a press conference to deliver the petition to the Minister.

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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2018-07-15 23:08:44 +0200

NEHAWU and other unions reached a settlement with DUT. Both parties agreed on a salary increase of 7% across the board including a R200 housing allowance.

2018-03-12 13:03:18 +0200

Petition is successful with 1,931 signatures

2018-03-06 12:04:32 +0200

2018-03-01 22:03:56 +0200

2018-02-26 08:58:17 +0200

2018-02-25 15:30:17 +0200

2018-02-25 15:29:19 +0200

2018-02-22 19:33:29 +0200

2018-02-20 20:25:29 +0200

When we reach 2000 petitions we will stage a public march to the Mayor of eThekwini with civil organizations and general community involvement will be pursued. These are all our children,our mothers fathers,relatives are staff at this university.

2018-02-20 18:56:09 +0200

Petition delivered via email to the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize.

2018-02-20 18:19:51 +0200

2018-02-20 16:24:01 +0200

1,000 signatures reached

2018-02-19 16:13:02 +0200

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Mr Buti Manamela to meet with DUT unions and DUT management......let's keep signing the petition.

2018-02-19 13:15:20 +0200

DUT Management, Vice -Chancellor, Council, Unions( Nehawu, Nteu, Tenusa) with CCMA have reached a deadlock, the Minister must intervene.
#Decent living wage will result in a "Student Centered University"

2018-02-16 17:46:55 +0200

500 signatures reached